Outsound Productions provides two main types of equipment rentals. The first offers equipment rental for audio, visual/video and lighting needs. We also support backline instrument rentals for your next show. In the pages below, you’ll find out more information for those two types of rentals.

Further Details on Backline Equipment & Instrumental Rental

Outsound Productions offers backline rentals for your next show. From needing a specific gibson electric guitar to a certain upright piano, we can help you get what you need. You can find out more information in the Backline Rental page.

More Information on Audio/Visual & Lighting Equipment Rental

Outsound Productions has one of the largest equipment rental inventory available in the upper midwest. From renting a Shure wireless microphone pack to work with the in-house sound system to video camera’s to record your office event. Further details are available within the Equipment Rental pages.