Lighting Equipment Rentals

If you have any events or gatherings requiring lighting, we can help service those requirements. Outsound Productions carry many different lighting brands which can help you create the best event possible. We can support any of your lighting needs that you throw at us.

Our most common lighting brands that we offer up for rental needs are listed below

  • High End Lighting Systems
  • Avolites Lighting, Dimming, & Networking Systems
  • Elation Professional Lighting Systems 
  • Blizzard LED Pro + Entertainment Lighting Products
  • ETC Theatre, Film, Studio and Architectural Lighting
  • Various Spotlights 

This list is just sample of the major brands we offer. To rent from us, here are a few steps or questions you can ask yourself in preparation.

  1. First, have a general idea about what your lighting rental needs are. If you’re not sure, we can also help you with this.
  2. Next, ask yourself if you have a budget to work with.
  3. Then, find out if you need any visual/video or audio needs.
  4. Also, check to see if you have anyone to run this equipment. Otherwise, we can help you here as we have trained staff on all of our equipment.
  5. Finally, with these steps answered, reach out to us and we can help you get started.

Based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, we also service Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota & Nebraska. Wherever you’re located, we’re here to help.

To start this process or to find out additional information, please contact us.