Audio, Visual, Lighting & Backline Rentals

Outsound Productions offers a number of services around equipment rental. From renting a Shure wireless microphone pack to work with the in-house sound system to video camera’s to record your office event.

To rent from us, here are a few steps or questions you can ask yourself in preparation.

To start this process or to find out additional information, feel free to contact us.


Audio Equipment

Are you in need to rent audio equipment for your next event? We have a large inventory for you to choose from.


Video Equipment

Looking to record your event? We also have a wide array of video recording equipment to use in your next event. 


Lighting Equipment

If you have any events or gatherings requiring lighting, we can help service those requirements. 



Coordinating an event for the first time?

Here’s a few things to consider.

  1. First, have a general idea about what your audio, lighting or video rental needs are. If you’re not sure, we can also help you with this.

  2. Next, ask yourself if you have a budget to work with.

  3. Then, check to see if you have anyone to run this equipment. Otherwise, we can help you here as we have trained staff on all of our equipment.

  4. Finally, with these steps answered, reach out to use and we can help you get started.



We also offer backline gear and instrumental rentals for your next show. Do you need a specific electric guitar, we can get it. How about a set of cymbals to compliment your drum kit, we have that too. Whether you’re needing an piano keyboard or a second guitar amp, we can help you.

Backline Equipment Rental